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Pinnacle Building Projects are an experienced and well qualified team who specialise in the planning, design and construction of bespoke garden rooms and offices for customers throughout the London area. Our focus on customer vision means that we work tirelessly to turn our clients dreams into a reality. From spacious garden offices, to modern studios, Pinnacle Building Projects are on hand to design and create your perfect garden space for customers in London.

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Garden rooms & studios London

The addition of garden rooms and studios are quickly becoming a popular choice for people who are looking for additional space without the stress of moving homes. By creating a garden space, customers can benefit from a new, bespoke area for work or recreation. With the increasing popularity of working from home, adding a garden office can create the needed separation that is key for a successful work/life balance. A garden office space offers an area in which work can be done without distraction, yet allowing the comfort of your home metres away. Clients who opt for garden offices in London also benefit from the lack of commuting and the stresses that come with traffic, and the costs of transportation.

The addition of a garden office or studio allows customers to create a unique area for work or recreation. They offer a stress-free space for creativity and production, they are popular for clients who have hobbies that require large, open spaces. Garden spaces can be transformed into photography studios, gyms, yoga spaces and more, allowing a luxury space for mindfulness and creativity.

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For customers who are looking for garden offices in London, at Pinnacle Building Projects, all aspects of design and specifications are covered meticulously by the team and we highly value the input of our clients when creating high quality, bespoke garden spaces. Our adaptable approach to garden rooms means that we are able to cater to a wide range of garden sizes, as well as budgets. Our design team are experienced in implementing customers required specifications and providing them with modern, spacious layouts for the perfect garden space. Our team are on hand to support clients in acquiring all planning permissions should they be needed, as well as providing all aspects draining and electricity to the garden space. Each member of the team at Pinnacle Building Projects is highly qualified and we prioritise health and safety throughout the build.

For customers who are looking to add garden rooms to their property in London, Pinnacle Building Projects take care of all aspects of the planning, design and construction stages of the job, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-end, hassle-free service for customers who are looking to create their new garden office/room. Our highly qualified team of experts take great care in the meticulous design and construction of all jobs. At Pinnacle Building Projects, we pride ourselves on only producing the highest quality garden spaces, and we have a network of trusted partners which allows us to procure only the best materials for the job. All aspects of heating and insulation are taken care of by the team. Our approach to design and construction means that customers can rest knowing that their garden space is being produced by an experienced team who are dedicated to providing customers with their dream garden space, hassle free.

If you are a property owner in London and you are interested in finding out more about adding a garden office to your home, contact Pinnacle Building Projects today to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team. We are on hand to support you in the design and construction of your garden space and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the process.

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