Home Extensions London

Pinnacle Building Projects are a team of highly experienced architects and engineers who specialise in providing house, kitchen and side extensions for customers in London. From design to inception, the team at Pinnacle Building Projects works closely with customers to turn their dream home into a reality.

Home Extensions London

Professional home extensions London

Adding additional space to homes is quickly becoming the more popular alternative to simply moving to a larger space. Customers who work with Pinnacle Building Projects are able to truly put their unique stamp on their own property. Adding additional space via a single, double or wrap around extension can breathe new life into a home, the benefit of more space including larger or additional bedrooms, larger kitchens and additional living areas can often prove invaluable. Financially, many customers in London choose to extend their homes to save on the costs of moving, whilst also adding significantly to the value of their current home. For customers in London, the financial benefits of extending rather than moving can be enormous, as often it will result in an over twenty percent increase in the value of your home.

Pinnacle Building Projects are experienced and highly qualified, we have many years of experience in working with customers across London who have a range of visions for their home extension. No matter the size and scale of the project however, all customers will benefit from working with a dedicated, meticulous workforce who strive to deliver the highest quality, meticulously planned, bespoke home extension.

All stages of your home extension can be taken care of by the experienced team at Pinnacle Building Projects. Initial consultations are an important part of this, and all home extensions will begin with a discussion with the client, in order to hear their vision for their extended home. This also allows our surveyors to assess the suitability and practicality of your plans. Once the initial planning stage has been completed, and the clients plans and vision has been agreed, the next stage is to acquire the relevant planning permissions. For some clients this stage can prove daunting, however our experienced team of surveyors are on hand to support in acquiring the necessary permissions. In some cases, planning permission may not be required, however gathering the correct permissions and documents is an important aspect of any extension before work takes place.

Home Extensions London

Experienced in London home extensions

Pinnacle Building Projects are experienced in providing clients in London with a range of high-end bespoke home extensions. The most popular extension types include:

Single – A single storey extension is one of the most popular options for homeowners who are looking to create or extend existing rooms. A single storey extension can transform living areas, it may be utilised to create a large open-plan kitchen or even provide the addition of a completely new room including bedrooms, gyms, home cinemas and many more.

Double – Another popular option is the addition of a double-storey extension which will allow customers the benefit from the addition of new space downstairs, whilst also adding a new bedroom, en-suite, or bathroom. The addition of a double-storey extension can truly transform the look and feel of a home.

Side – Side extensions are an excellent option for clients who are looking to extend living areas or kitchens/dining areas. Opening up living or dining areas can be the perfect option for customers who are looking to add additional space without the need for additional rooms.

Wrap-around – Wrap-around extensions are ideal for clients who are looking to maximise the amount of additional space to their home. With a wrap-around extension, clients can benefit from the addition of multiple bedrooms, extended living areas, kitchens or the addition of new rooms. These L-shaped extensions are popular with families who are looking for additional bedrooms, or who are simply outgrowing their current home.

Regardless of the type of extension chosen, all customers who choose Pinnacle Building Projects for their home extension in London will benefit from having their dream home in the hands of a highly experienced, qualified team of expert surveyors, designers and builders. We put our clients vision at the forefront of all work, and we understand the importance of our responsibility when working on peoples homes.

Home Extensions London

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